The sound of a Warcraft dungeon

Kindly recorded for me (in binaural ‘headphone mode’) by my thirteen year-old son Oliver. I’ve always been intrigued by the sound of the great battles and quests unfolding on the screen when he’s playing World of Warcraft. So he’s recorded eight minutes from a level-74 instance – in this case a dungeon, which is a challenge for five players in which they kill bosses and mobs, win rewards, gain EXP (experience) and reputation. You’ll hear: the beginning of the dungeon, the player dying and running to his corpse, the despatching of many mobs (‘mobiles’, non-player entities), the attack on the boss, lots of running and gunshots, the voice of a dragon, the summoning of pets, some aspect switching and map rustling. In short, the whole experience!

Download the MP3.

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