Nobody ever went to America to learn how to kill a pig

This is it. This is the stuff that makes me weak at the knees. 40 minutes by Padraic Dolan from the West of Ireland in 1978 that’ll have you glued to your wireless from the first chilling swish swish of the blade as it’s sharpened to the retreating footsteps of the slaughterman at the end of the day. Not for vegetarians (or for those concerned with welfare in farming, for that matter).

Liam O’Brien, series producer for RTE’s Documentary on One, brought this to my attention and he’s very happy for me to feature it here at Audiolibre. RTE’s mission, as I think I’ve said before, is less concerned with rights and ownership than with spreading the word. He wants you to hear this quite amazing bit of archive audio and to tell your friends.

Browse the Doc on One archive, sign up for the podcast, download the Doc on One iPhone app (Android version due on St Patrick’s Day) and download the MP3.

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2 Responses to Nobody ever went to America to learn how to kill a pig

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  2. Mattú O Baoighill says:

    Absolutely wonderful!

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